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Promotional Keyrings Wigan

promotional keyrings

One of Create Print's most popular promotional items are the small but useful promotional keyrings.

Promotional keyrings are a fantastic way to advertise your business. Motorcycle dealerships and car showrooms can hand out promotional keyrings advertising their company brand, phone number and website address every time they sell a vehicle.

MOT and vehicle repair garages can benefit from giving away promotional keyrings too whenever they service or repair the customer's car, van or motorbike. That way, whenever the customer's car breaks down or is due for its MOT, the garage details and phone number are right there where they need them the most - on the car keys.

Custom printed keyrings aren't just for the automobile industry. Whatever your brand, company or message is, keyrings are one of the promotional gifts that will often stay with the customer long term and act as a handy reminder when they need your services most.

A brilliant promotional marketing tool for everyone from tradesmen (plumbers, locksmiths) to musicians looking to promote their band, keyrings are a fantastic way of advertising whilst offering something valuable to the customer that they can actually use.

For prices, contact Create Print in Wigan today to discuss your promotional keyring design and required quantity.

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