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Leaflets are one of the best devices used in the marketing and advertising since the invention of the very first mass production printers.  To this day, they remain a perfect way of delivering whatever message you wish to convey to a wide range of people about your brand or service.

Whatever message you’re trying to convey, there can be no underestimating the usefulness of leaflets.  That’s why at CreatePrint, as well as printing on a variety of different conventional papers, we also print these invaluable documents in a range of different styles and sizes.  At CreatePrint, we maximise on quality, minimise on financial cost to you and pride ourselves on the high standard of service with which we provide our customers.

CreatePrint supplies leaflets printed on paper in pretty much any size you wish.  A6 post card size (105 x 148mm) is one of our most popular paper sizes although A4 (210 x 297mm) and A5 (148 x 210mm) are also amongst the sizes that are our most sought after.  We print brochures as well as leaflets and can print them in full colour or black and white, single or double-sided using any paper of your choice.  Our most popular leaflet designs that you can choose from include:

Half Fold

The paper is simply folded in half.  This is also known as a Single Fold.


Parallel Fold

The paper is folded in half and then in half again in the same direction.


Right Angle Fold

The paper is folded in half and then in half again in the opposite direction so that when opened up the folds resemble a cross through the middle of the paper with four equal sections in each corner creating eight panels in total.  This is also called a French Fold and Cross Fold.


Concertina Fold

The paper is continuously folded to produce a zigzag.  This is also known as an Accordion Fold, a Zigzag Fold or a Z-Fold because it resembles a letter M or Z when viewed from above.


Gate Fold

The two outer quarters of the paper are folded towards the middle so that the outer edges touch to create an effect which resembles a gate or window.


Double Gate Fold

The paper is folded in the same way as above but the two halves are folded together inwards again along the central line.


Letter Fold

The paper is folded in the same direction so that two or more panels are created producing a spiral.  These are also known as Tri Folds, Business Letters, Spiral Folds, Barrel Folds, Roll Folds, C Folds and Brochure Folds.

So whether it’s a brochure or a leaflet that you need printing, we hope you’ll put CreatePrint at the top of your list.  We print all our brochures and leaflets in Wigan at our store on Library Street and can’t be beaten in the local area on price, quality or service.  Whether you need 50 leaflets or 5000 leaflets you can rely on us to providing your idea into leaflets.  So come and see us today and we will happily discuss your ideas, design & print.

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