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A clear understanding of your business objectives is the foundation on which our creative designers approach your requirements.

This understanding is employed to create the most appropriate and cost-effective design solution. The acquired skills of our service combined with images and software, in addition to a thorough knowledge of print production processes mean that you can be assured that the design we create can be translated into the highest quality finished product.

Whether your requirements are for a new corporate identity, business stationery, product literature, packaging, promotional goods, display products, company reports or invitations, our CreatePrint design service is the place to start.

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Who CreatePrint Are

At CreatePrint, we have come a long way as a printing service and what we do best is helping local business and customers reach out to their route to market and drive custom. Being local in Wigan is important to us and it is our quality printing technology which has helped get us there alongside our creative ingenuity to help our customers get their message out their. If you are a business looking to reach out to business or customers in Wigan printing is an affordable and effective tool to reaching out to your route to market.

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Graphic Design Wigan

Welcome to Create Print: the independent company who provides only the highest quality printing and graphic design services Wigan has to offer.

With a team of industry professionals, we’re offering bespoke printing and graphic design services to businesses and consumers across the country.

Great reviews, cost efficiency and quality services: all under one roof!

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What is Graphic Design and Why’s it Important?

Are you wondering what graphic design is and how it really impacts your business?

Here’s a few ideas for you to consider:

Visual communication

Graphic design is a visual communication relevant to all industries.

Our graphic design services Wigan are adaptable to a range of communication platforms including high quality printing, website graphics, social media graphics, packaging, stationary and much more.

Graphic design is an integral aspect of B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) communication as it’s a tactic used to make a company stand out from a competitor. Therefore, the better the design the more impact it has on your business.

In today’s consumer and business market, graphic design and visual communications are proving much more effective as opposed to your generic reading to offer information.

Infographics are being widely consumed in today’s market, taking over pages of text as the information is communicated visually and creatively: it just looks more appealing.

Brand Recognition

In today’s consumer market: the singular, strongest component when branding a business is effective graphic design.

There are many reasons for this; the main benefit being to offer fast paced industries instant recognition from a singular logo.

Think about it, if your company doesn’t have a logo, it’s instantly less recognisable to consumers. If your business has a poorly designed logo, it risks being overlooked by consumers.

Invest in the most professional, bespoke graphic design Wigan has to offer today and reap the benefits with Create Print now.

Company Unity

Company unity is important when promoting team work which ensures your company generates the highest level of productivity.

Ensuring your employees feel part of a team is a great way to elevate team morale in business which is why many companies brand uniform in accordance to company logos.


Professional aesthetics in any company is an important aspect of market representation.

A professional approach is a visually tidy, knowledgeable approach which is demonstrative of a close attention to detail.

Don’t let your company suffer from poor design: contact Create Print and take advantage of the best graphic design Wigan has to offer.

Ensure future candidates, consumers and other business instantly recognise, understand and gain interest in your business or organisation with strategic design.


Adjacent to good business representation qualities, instant recognition and visual communication; good graphic design services offer your business the chance to accurately compete in its industry, therefore setting you in good stead to increase your bottom line.

For more information on Create Print graphic design Wigan: why not contact us today and turn your company thoughts and ideas into a real vision.

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